Manasarovar Mall, Trichy

February 6, 2015 trichypress 0

Manasarovar Mall in Trichy   Manasarovar Mall is located in Collector Office Road, Raja Colony Tiruchirappalli. It is a shopping mall centre. The interior and exterior […]


KGS Trichy Mall, Trichy

February 5, 2015 trichypress 0

KGS Trichy Mall in Trichy   KGS Trichy Mall is located in Ramanathapuram Road, Tiruchirappalli. KGS Constructions Ltd., with its team of 250 engineers and 2000 […]

Mega Mart in Trichy

February 1, 2015 trichypress 0

Mega Mart, Trichy   Mega Mart is located in contonment, Trichy. The new look store in Trichy is spread across 20,000 sq. ft. space and will […]


Manghalam Towers in Trichy

January 31, 2015 trichypress 0

Manghalam Towers, Trichy   Manghalam Tower is located in Contonment, Trichy. Manghalam Tower is also known as reliance mart. This mart is good for Shopaholics. This […]