anjappar restaurent

Hotel Anjappar

August 21, 2015 trichypress 0

¬†Anjappar – Trichy : Anjappar is the pioneer in bringing the foods of the famed Chettiars to the people world around. Over the years they […]

dimora restaurant

DiMoRa Restaurant

August 21, 2015 trichypress 0

DiMoRa Restaurant – Trichy :   DiMoRa is a global dining restaurant , where the customer is at the heart of their restaurant business philosophy, […]


Top 10 Restaurants in Trichy

August 19, 2015 trichypress 0

Best Restaurants Trichy: 1.Shri Sangeetas, Trichy 2.DiMoRa, Trichy 3.Southern Spices, Trichy 4.Ezham Suvai, Trichy 5.Banana Leaf, Trichy 6.Hotel Anjappar, Trichy 7.¬†Buhari Restaurant, Trichy 8.Sri Saraswathi […]