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Category: Top 10 Restaurants in Trichy

Hotel Anjappar

anjappar restaurent

 Anjappar – Trichy : Anjappar is the pioneer in bringing the foods of the famed Chettiars to the people world around. Over the years they mastered the art of using spice to give one’s taste buds the best food experience.he freshness of its products and the use of secret home around recipes bring the food […]

DiMoRa Restaurant

dimora restaurant

DiMoRa Restaurant – Trichy :   DiMoRa is a global dining restaurant , where the customer is at the heart of their restaurant business philosophy, with a real dedication delivering more than a unique dining experience, but rather a unique dining adventure. From the moment you enter the door, you are treated to a broad array […]

Top 10 Restaurants in Trichy


Best Restaurants Trichy: 1.Shri Sangeetas, Trichy 2.DiMoRa, Trichy 3.Southern Spices, Trichy 4.Ezham Suvai, Trichy 5.Banana Leaf, Trichy 6.Hotel Anjappar, Trichy 7. Buhari Restaurant, Trichy 8.Sri Saraswathi Cafe & Lodge, Trichy 9.Hotel Kannapa,Trichy 10.sree krishnas restaurant,Trichy